Questões de Inglês

Limpar Busca

In the fragment of paragraph 6 “If all Arizona houses were to increase air conditioning use”, if signals a(n)

  • A condition
  • B opposition
  • C negation
  • D conclusion
  • E explanationv

In the fragment of paragraph 5 “the heaviest air conditioning use”, the term heaviest could be replaced, with no change in meaning, by

  • A most intense
  • B most unexpected
  • C most difficult
  • D most adequate
  • E most moderate

The main purpose of the text is to

  • A describe past events related to summer weather in the southwest.
  • B mention the positive changes in Americans’ habits concerning air conditioning.
  • C advocate against the use of air conditioning in domiciles.
  • D discuss possible problems to satisfy the demand for electric energy in the near future.
  • E encourage people to cut down residential carbon emissions.

The term domestic, in the expression “domestic air conditioning use”, in the title of the text, is synonymous with

  • A cresidential
  • B commercial
  • C municipal
  • D individual
  • E national

In paragraph 1, the fragment “Climate change will provoke an increase in summer air conditioning use in the United States that will probably cause prolonged blackouts” implies that prolonged blackouts

  • A are happening.
  • B had happened.
  • C have happened.
  • D may happen.
  • E will have happened.