Questões de Preposições | Prepositions (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

Regarding the highlighted terms:
I-I have three sons, so I can speak as a mother. II-The climates of Rio and São Paulo are alike. III-He has been working like a horse.

  • A I and II are correct but III is incorrect.
  • B Only III is correct.
  • C I, II and III are correct.
  • D Only II and III are correct.

Complete with the correct preposition:
1.The phenomenon was observed ___ the Middle Ages. 2.I was waiting for him ____ St. James Square. 3.They married ___ Christmas Day. 4.We are going to spend our vacation ____the West coast.
The correct order is:

  • A at- on – in- in
  • B at- in – in – on
  • C in- on- on- on
  • D in – in – at- on

According to the text, mark the alternative which contains an example of PREPOSITIONAL VERB.

  • A To work out.
  • B To look after.
  • C To worry about.
  • D To propose.

Complete the sentences with IN, AT or ON.
She lives ____ the countryside. Carlos is ____ university. The hospital is ____ the left. They arrive _____ the airport tonight.
Choose the correct alternative:

  • A in - at - on - at
  • B on - on - in - in
  • C on - at - in - in
  • D in - in - on - at
In what phrase below we don`t use the preposition "on"?
  • A ___ a newspaper.
  • B ___ internet.
  • C ___ tuesday.
  • D ___ the right.
  • E ___ my birthday