Questões de Interpretação de texto | Reading comprehension (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

Understanding that digital technology does not play an impartial role in the tense dynamics between private and social spheres is an important stage in the debate in the text.

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The words “trapped” (in the second sentence of the second paragraph) and “caught” (in the second sentence of the third paragraph) can be considered synonyms and are used with similar meanings in the text.

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According to the text, even when we do not notice, the mechanisms that organize the digital society shape the way people relate online.

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Considering the content of the text, which is the main question answered by the author?

  • A How can technology make learning English easier?
  • B What are the key elements to deliver effective online English classes?
  • C What are the difficulties of teaching from home?
  • D Is it possible to include games in online classes?

Which topic is NOT mentioned in the text?

  • A The technology requirements for teaching online.
  • B Suggestions of platforms and tools to teach, share files, and grade students.
  • C How students can collaborate during the class.
  • D Rules to protect your students’ data online.