Questões de Interpretação de texto | Reading comprehension (Inglês)

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Consider on the text, judge the item.

In terms of meaning, the sentence “Broadly speaking” (line 8) can be correctly replaced by Generally speaking.

  • Certo
  • Errado

Consider on the text, judge the item.

The relative pronoun “which” (line 6 and line 14) can be substituted by that. The same way that “that” (line 16) can be substituted by which.

  • Certo
  • Errado

“Even while” in “In 2020, even while economies bent under the weight of Covid-19 lockdowns” (opening sentence) indicates the text will show that two situations are

  • A confining.
  • B conclusive.
  • C convincing.
  • D conditional.
  • E concomitant.

The main aim of Text I is to present

  • A the effects of lockdown on renewable sources in developing countries.
  • B software that can map energy consumption in various situations.
  • C a thorough review of the latest trends in renewable sources of energy.
  • D a critical assessment of current energy system from a global perspective.
  • E a comparison between the different sources of energy used worldwide.

Based on the information provided in the first paragraph, mark the statements below as true (T) or false (F).

( ) The current pandemic has hindered the development of renewable energy.

( ) Solar PV technology will be a financial nuisance to most markets.

( ) Energy economy is an issue that goes beyond national borders.

The statements are, respectively, 

  • A T – T – F.
  • B T– F – T.
  • C F – F – T.
  • D F – T – F.
  • E F – T – T.