Questões de Vocabulário | Vocabulary (Inglês)

Limpar Busca
What is TEXT III mainly about?
  • A It talks about people who have trouble getting to sleep.
  • B It gives the reader tips on how to have a healthier sleep.
  • C It explains the benefits of sleeping eight hours a night.
  • D It highlights the best room temperature for a perfect night sleep.
  • E It advices people to sleep in dark rooms using eye masks.
Taking into account the context in which it appears, the expression “there’s no use crying over spilled (breast) milk” means that:
  • A There is no need to be upset because of the breastfeeding normalization once it cannot be undone.
  • B It is important to clean up after feeding a baby and spilling breast milk around.
  • C The breast milk is so precious it shouldn’t be spilled.
  • D The delayed normalization of breastfeeding is better than it not happening at all.
  • E Women who cry because they cannot breastfeed in public places will be able to do so sooner.
The text talks about ways to get a better bedtime routine. Mark the option which is INCORRECT concerning such routines.
  • A One should always sleep at night, never during the day.
  • B One should go to sleep almost always at the same time every day.
  • C One should leave electronic devices such as mobile phones outside of the bedroom.
  • D One could try to organize things such as bags and clothes to wear the next day before going to bed.
  • E One could avoid doing physical activities close to the time of going to bed.
Observe the following excerpt taken from the text: “But when they do, oh boy, are my days as a model really going to get going.” Mark the correct option concerning the usage of words and expressions in the sentence.
  • A The expression “oh boy” is rather formal and mainly used in spoken language.
  • B The word “really” is an adjective which determines the noun “days”.
  • C The expression “get going” means that something is about to be over.
  • D The verb “do” works as an auxiliary and is used to avoid repeating the verb “see”.
  • E The personal pronoun “they” refers back to the general Idea of “mother”.
Mark the option that best describes the phrasal verb “wind down” taken from the text:
  • A It means one has to finish doing something.
  • B It means one has to put something in order.
  • C It means one has to relax.
  • D It means one has to sleep.
  • E It means one has to do something quickly.