Questões de Vocabulário | Vocabulary (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

The word “telltale” in the sentence “Here are four telltale signs you're doing it right” is closest in meaning to

  • A unusual.
  • B possible.
  • C prominent.
  • D revealing.
  • E unprecedented.

The word “sustained” in the passage “[…] the data reflects the sustained growth […]” is the OPPOSITE of

  • A constant.
  • B continuous.
  • C intermittent.
  • D uninterrupted.
  • E non-stop.

Turn the following sentence into Reported Speech: The doctor said to the nurse: Where is our patient?

  • A The doctor was asking the nurse where their patient was going.
  • B The doctor asked the nurse where their patient was.
  • C The doctor ask to the nurse where their patient were.
  • D The doctor ask the nurse where there paciente was.

Which assertion does not match the masculine and feminine pair of the noun?

  • A hero- heroine
  • B steward- stewardess
  • C poet- poetiss
  • D monk- nun

The expression “foot the bill” means:

  • A low probability
  • B make someone stay active
  • C pay for something
  • D take responsability for something bad