Questões de Aspectos linguísticos | Linguistic aspects (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

Read the sentences below and choose the option which is grammatically INCORRECT:

  • A Maria has been in Austria since Sunday.
  • B Paul started his new job three weeks ago.
  • C Marcus has been in France for three days.
  • D I bought these shoes a little days ago.

Mark the correct sentence:

  • A Her dog is faster then the bike.
  • B Pedro is youngest of his family.
  • C Paris is the better city for romance.
  • D I am taller than my brother.

Escolha a alternativa que completa correta e respectivamente a sentença abaixo.
“___________ people hunt wild animals for sport. _________ damage has been caused by this kind of hunting”.

  • A Many … many.
  • B Many … much.
  • C Much … much
  • D Much … many.

Which of these sentences are grammatically incorrect:

  • A Fabiane doesn’t listen to me.
  • B I am agree with you.
  • C Pay attention to the example.
  • D This is how we do it.
  • E I have a lot of homework.

The ending ‘-ate’ in ‘inaccurate’ (used in the third paragraph of text 3A2-I) has the same sound as the ending ‘-ate’ in

  • A innate.
  • B celebrate.
  • C domesticate.
  • D estate.
  • E chocolate.