Questão 21 do Concurso Câmara dos Deputados - Analista Legislativo - Assistente Social - Manhã - FGV (2023)

Read the Text I and answer the question that follow it.

Text I


Human genome editing: potential seeds of conflict

Recently, The Lancet published an important declaration regarding the necessity of regulating and legislating for human genome editing. We agree with their opinions that the human genome editing technology and resulting research can have both positive and negative effects on human society. The use of genome editing for research and commercial purposes has sparked debates in both biological and political realms. However, most of them have mainly focused on the effects of human genome editing on the patients themselves, and little attention has been paid to their offspring.

Several films, such as Gattaca and Gundam SEED, have addressed the conflicts that arise from human genome editing. Such conflicts not only exist within the generation who have experienced editing but are also transmitted to their offspring. For example, in these films, the offspring of people without genome editing felt a sense of unfairness regarding the inferiority of their physical (or other non-edited domains) status, whereas the offspring of people with genome editing grew up in a biased, discriminated against, and ostracized environment. They could have lived in peace with a strong and well regulated government; however, when the tenuous grip of government weakens, jealousy and resentment can lead to ruins. Although these scenes still exist in films, they might become increasingly plausible in decades to come. Using the concept of preparedness, access, countermeasures, tools, and trust, we should prepare legitimate human genome editing, establish access to deal with imminent or potential discrimination, develop countermeasures and tools for prevention and resolution of conflict, and entrust future generations with the responsibility to use them wisely.

Bing-Yan Zeng, Ping-Tao Tseng, *Chih-Sung Liang

Adapted from:, vol. 401, June 24, 2023 at

Based on the text, mark the statements below as true (T) or false (F).
( ) In principle, the authors back the basic tenets on human genome editing technology held earlier by the same journal.
( ) Human genome editing research has focused mostly on the progeny rather than on the patients.
( ) The settings depicted in the motion pictures mentioned may come about in the real world.
The statements are, respectively,

  • A F – T – F.
  • B T – F – T.
  • C F – T – T.
  • D F – F – T.
  • E T – F – F.