Questões da Prova do Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Roraima (IF-RR) - Professor - Inglês (2015)

Limpar Busca

In agreement with the main topic discussed in this text, the most adequate title is:

  • A "English Teaching Methods Compared".
  • B "Effective Ways to Teach EFL Students".
  • C "The Best Materials for Language Teaching".
  • D "How to Assess Learners‘ Communicative Ability".
  • E "Challenges in Communicative Language Teaching".

The sentence that is in line with what the author states in the third paragraph is:

  • A Communicative-based skills focus on the content of the materials produced.
  • B ) Task-based materials are available in any language spoken in the world today.
  • C CLT teachers should be stimulated to publish and to become active researchers.
  • D CLT leaves the responsibility of evaluating students‘ performance to a national test.
  • E A task-based approach involves combining the four skills for communication purposes.

The main stress of the word "communicative" in “communicative language teaching” (L.2) is on the:

  • A fifth syllable
  • B first syllable.
  • C third syllable.
  • D fourth syllable.
  • E second syllable.

The word formed by the suffix " -ing" in:

  • A "or writing skills" (L.12) is a verb.
  • B "intensive training" (L.25) is a noun.
  • C "language teaching" (L.1) is a verb.
  • D "adjusting language" (L.15) is an adjective.
  • E "and particular learning tasks" (L.3) is a noun.

The sentence "These choices are tightly linked to questions about what it means to 'know' a language" (L.5) contains an indirect question. The direct form of this question is:

  • A What it means to 'know' a language?
  • B What if it means to 'know' a language?
  • C What did it mean to 'know‘ a language?
  • D What does it mean to 'know‘ a language?
  • E What would it mean to 'know‘ a language?