Questões de Sinônimos | Synonyms (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

What phrasal verb has the same meaning of “to search for someone or something”?

  • A Look up.
  • B Take on it.
  • C Look for.
  • D Take it out on.

The sentence “the industry needs to enable and push forward this ethical debate” (in the last sentence of the second paragraph) can be correctly rephrased as the industry ought to facilitate and advance forward this ethical debate, without changing the meaning of the text

  • Certo
  • Errado

The words “trapped” (in the second sentence of the second paragraph) and “caught” (in the second sentence of the third paragraph) can be considered synonyms and are used with similar meanings in the text.

  • Certo
  • Errado

“Schools often fell short of these requirements, even before the current crisis.” In this sentence, “fell short of” can be replaced by

  • A fulfilled.
  • B fell down.
  • C achieved.
  • D did not reach.
  • E managed.

The word “telltale” in the sentence “Here are four telltale signs you're doing it right” is closest in meaning to

  • A unusual.
  • B possible.
  • C prominent.
  • D revealing.
  • E unprecedented.