Questões de Oposto | Opposite (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

Quais expressões a seguir não configuram um oximoro?

  • A pretty ugly / born dead / seriously funny
  • B only choice / found missing / fully empty
  • C nicely done / grandchildren / small talk
  • D old news / found missing / awful good
  • E false positive / living dead / sad smile

Based on the text, judge the following item.

“bad” in “reception was sometimes bad” (line 9) is not the contrary of better.

  • Certo
  • Errado

Synonyms and antonyms can play a very important role in alerting the reader to a change in the direction of the passage. In the sentence “for many of my students a tablet or a laptop screen is almost as quaint as a paper book”, the antonym for quaint is

  • A wise.
  • B conventional.
  • C original.
  • D obsolete.
  • E unusual.

Consider the following words from the text:


We can state that possible opposites for them are:

  • A disregard – discontinued – specific
  • B negligence – mantained – total
  • C attention – stopped – global
  • D neglicence – proceeded – unique
  • E attention – achieved – specific

The opposite of the underlined word in “are often hard to distinguish" (l. 11) is:

  • A seldom;
  • B always;
  • C at times;
  • D generally;
  • E frequently.