Questões de Adjetivos | Adjectives (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

About the phrase “It’s harder to engage online” (l. 24), we can say that: I. It’s a comparative structure. II. “Harder” could be replaced by “most difficult” with no changes in meaning. III. “Harder” follows the same spelling rules as “bigger”. Which statements are correct?

  • A Only I.
  • B Only II.
  • C Only I and III.
  • D I, II, and III.

Check the incorrect alternative about the use of comparatives.

  • A Your accent is worse than mine.
  • B I am busier than before, now that I have a new job.
  • C This street is less narrower than the previous one.
  • D The restaurant is more crowded than usual.

Mark the correct sentence:

  • A Her dog is faster then the bike.
  • B Pedro is youngest of his family.
  • C Paris is the better city for romance.
  • D I am taller than my brother.

People in my city are driving _____ and _____ than ever.

  • A slower – worse
  • B more careless – faster
  • C more quick – aggressively
  • D better - more carefully

Considere a frase abaixo:
I felt angry.
A palavra em destaque é um:

  • A Adjetivo
  • B Substantivo
  • C Verbo
  • D Pronome