Questões da Prova da Prefeitura Municipal de Teresina - Professor - Inglês (2019)

Limpar Busca

According to the text, the purpose of the continuous plankton recorders (CPRs)is

  • A determining the ingestion of plastic by sea creatures.
  • B towing plastic objects and fishing lines from the ocean.
  • C analyzing the amount of fishing lines.
  • D surveying plankton populations.
  • E measuringthe quantity of microplastics.

Based on the text, analyze the sentences.

I. The study focused on the quantity of microplastics and not on large plastic items.

II. Log-books had an important role in finding out the amount of plastic polluting the oceans that has increased significantly.

II. Before this survey, previously studies analyzed mostly the ingestion of plastic by sea creatures over shorter timescales.

III. As fisheries become more professional there will be more pollution in the oceans.

  • A II and III are correct.
  • B III and IV are correct.
  • C I and II are correct.
  • D I and IV are correct.
  • E II, III and IV are correct.

The alternative in which “play” has the same meaning as in the sentence:“Nevertheless, he adds, the study demonstrates that fisheries play a major part in plastic pollution, and…” is:

  • A The children play at the playground.
  • B They play the violin very well.
  • C He plays an important role in my life.
  • D She plays soccer on weekends.
  • E The play starts at 8 p.m.

In the text, the verbal tense of the verbs in bold recorded; had been scant; have been used; adds are respectively:

  • A simple past; present perfect; past perfect; simple present.
  • B simple present; past perfect; present perfect; simple past.
  • C present perfect; past prefect; simple present; simple past.
  • D past perfect; simple present; present perfect; simple past.
  • E simple past; past perfect; present perfect; simple present.

The modal verb underlined in the text is used to express the idea of

  • A request
  • B suggestion
  • C possibility
  • D conditional
  • E ability