Questões de Verbos modais | Modal verbs (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

Which modal verbs are used when asking for permission?

  • A Can – could – may.
  • B Might – should – ought to.
  • C Would – must – should.
  • D Shall – will – might.

The sentence “the industry needs to enable and push forward this ethical debate” (in the last sentence of the second paragraph) can be correctly rephrased as the industry ought to facilitate and advance forward this ethical debate, without changing the meaning of the text

  • Certo
  • Errado
The words: should; mustn't; may; are examples of:
  • A Asking.
  • B Impolite verbs.
  • C Modal verbs.
  • D Verbal tenses.

Check the correct alternative about the use of modal verbs.

  • A I can ride a bike, when I was 6 years.
  • B I can to speak Spanish.
  • C I think you don´t should go to the beach.
  • D May I ask a question?.

If you want to play poker, you _____ keep your best cards, you _____ tell others what cards you have, and you _____look at my cards

  • A have to - don’t have to - can’t to
  • B must to - have to - can to
  • C should - shouldn’t - mustn’t
  • D don’t have to - must - shouldn’t to