Questões de Pronome objetivo | Objective pronoun (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

In the sentence “Here are some things you can do to protect yourself, family and friends from getting sick: 1) wash your hands often using soap and water.” the underlined words can be correctly classified as:

  • A subject pronoun • reflexive pronoun • possessive adjective.
  • B subject pronoun • reflexive pronoun • possessive pronoun.
  • C personal pronoun • relative pronoun • possessive pronoun.
  • D object pronoun • reflexive pronoun • possessive adjective.
  • E personal pronoun • indefinite pronoun • possessive adjective.

Read the two extracts from the article. And analyze the statements regarding True (T) or False (F).
The Edinburgh declaration, which will now be opened to signatories worldwide, says its supporters are “deeply concerned about the significant implications that the loss of biodiversity and climate change has on our livelihood and communities. (lines 25, 26, 27)
“Indeed, the Covid-19 global pandemic has reminded us how important it is to live in harmony with nature.” (lines 29, 30)
i. the use of “its” in “say its supporters” is the same use of “it is” in “how important it is”; ii. “its” in “say its supporters” refers to supporters of the Edinburgh declaration; iii. in “our livelihood”, “our” is an object pronoun; iv. in “has reminded us”, “us” is an object pronoun;

  • A F – T –F – T
  • B F – F –F – T
  • C T – T –F – T
  • D F – T –F – F
  • E F – T –T – F

Considering the highlighted words in lines 05, 06 and 08, and the context presented in the text, the words are, respectively:

  • A Subject pronoun – possessive pronoun – object adjective.
  • B Adjective pronoun – reflexive pronoun – relative pronoun.
  • C Reflexive pronoun – possessive pronoun – object pronoun.
  • D Object pronoun – relative pronoun – reflexive pronoun.
  • E Subject pronoun – possessive adjective – object pronoun.
Complete the sentence below with the correct pronoun. Choose the CORRECT answer.
“His cars are nice. He washes _________ every week.”
  • A It.
  • B Us.
  • C Him.
  • D Them.

The highlighted words in the text are respectively.

  • A object pronoun; verb; adverb; noun
  • B possessive pronoun; noun; verb; adverb
  • C relative pronoun; noun; verb; adverb
  • D subject pronoun; noun, verb; verb
  • E subject pronoun; verb; adverb; noun