Questões de Futuro simples | Simple future (Inglês)

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What are the existing verb tenses in the following sentence taken from the text?

"The Earth is changing, and this satellite will help deepen our understanding of how,"

  • A Present Continuous and Simple Future.
  • B Simple Present and Future Perfect.
  • C Past Perfect Continuous and Future Continuous.
  • D Present Continuous and Future Perfect Continuous.

Peter’s shop_____ for sale for eleven months. Apparently, it_____ down soon.

  • A is - closes
  • B ) is being - is closing
  • C has being - will close
  • D has been - is going to close

Assinale a alternativa que contém uma frase que faz referência a um evento no futuro.

  • A She has been studying since last week.
  • B I missed school yesterday.
  • C All the people are leaving the room.
  • D I'm coming back next Monday.
Thanksgiving is an American holiday that points back to the days of the pioneers and the colonization of the new country called the United States of America. Os tempos verbais utilizados no trecho acima são, respectivamente:
  • A Past Continuous and Present Continuous.
  • B Present Continuous and Future Simple.
  • C Present Perfect and Past Perfect.
  • D Nenhuma das alternativas.
Considere a frase a seguir:

Will she be loving the trip by this time next year?

O tempo verbal utilizado para a composição da frase acima foi:
  • A Present perfect simple.
  • B Simple future.
  • C Future continuous.
  • D Past progressive.