Questões de Análise sintática | Parsing (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

The phrase “like that” in Flore’s sentence “I had to teach like that once.” in Dianne’s post functions as:

  • A a noun phrase of means
  • B a prepositional phrase of manner
  • C a verb phrase of purpose
  • D an adverb phrase of instrument

In Jake’s comment “…that teaching without textbooks is becoming more and more acceptable including websites…”, the non-finite clause functions as:

  • A complement of an adjective
  • B subject
  • C subject complement
  • D object

On the last sentence of the second paragraph – Yet the second language learner brings all these and more variables into play in the learning of a second language. – the adverb yet could be correctly replaced, with no change in the sense of the paragraph, by

  • A thus.
  • B likewise.
  • C therefore.
  • D notwithstanding.
  • E unless.

The underlined word below that has the same syntactical function as the underlined part of the sentence “So tracking a business’s online reputation is a critical part of building a thriving company, experts said” (lines 19 and 20) is

  • Certo
  • Errado

The function of the auxiliary "do" in "(…) do need English for employment" (L.9) is to:

  • A ask a question.
  • B avoid a repetition.
  • C signal an inversion.
  • D emphasize a statement.
  • E clarify some information.