Questões de Pronome possessivo adjetivo | Possessive adjective (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

Complete: Anny has many friends. Chris and Karen are friends of ____. She likes _________ very much.

  • A hers- them
  • B her-yours
  • C mine- its
  • D her-ours

Complete the sentences with one of the words in the brackets:

a) _____ house is at 667, Great Avenue . [MyMine-Me]

b) His house is near ________. [my- mine-me]

c) I want to see him. Call ______when he arrives. [my- mine-me]

d) Girls, don't limit _______________. [herselfyourselves- themselves] e) John and Mary has a new car. ______car is a Volvo. [Their- Its- Theirs]

Respectively, the correct order is:

  • A Mine- mine- me- themselves- Theirs
  • B My- my- me- herself- Their
  • C My- mine- me- yourselves- Their
  • D Mine- mine- me- yourselves- Theirs
  • E My- my- me- yourselves- Its
“ happiness like mine. Mine is a possessive pronoun. As the use of possessive pronouns, which sentence is incorrect?
  • A My house is new and theirs, too.
  • B This dog is one of yours?
  • C That jacket is his.
  • D The yellow car is ours.
  • E My English is better than her.

In the sentence “Here are some things you can do to protect yourself, family and friends from getting sick: 1) wash your hands often using soap and water.” the underlined words can be correctly classified as:

  • A subject pronoun • reflexive pronoun • possessive adjective.
  • B subject pronoun • reflexive pronoun • possessive pronoun.
  • C personal pronoun • relative pronoun • possessive pronoun.
  • D object pronoun • reflexive pronoun • possessive adjective.
  • E personal pronoun • indefinite pronoun • possessive adjective.

Read the statements about the text from question and classify them as true (T) or false (F):
( ) The pronoun “it” in the first paragraph refers to the word “illness”. ( ) The modal verb “would”, in the excerpt “fewer patients would arrive at the hospital each day”, adds the idea of possibility to the sentence. ( ) The expressions “showing up”, “look like” and “keep up” are examples of phrasal verbs used in the text. ( ) If the text was all written using Past Simple Tense, none of the words become, have, cause, refer and show would be written using the suffix ed. ( ) The pronoun “them” in the last paragraph refers to “supplies, beds and health care providers”.
Choose the alternative with the correct sequence:

  • A T – F – T – F – F.
  • B F – T – F – F – F.
  • C F – F – T – T – F.
  • D T – F – T – F – T.
  • E F – F – T – F – F.