Questões de Passado progressivo | Past continuous (Inglês)

Limpar Busca

For question, choose the correct answer.

The Indians _______________ on the continent for about twenty-five thousand years.

  • A has been.
  • B had been.
  • C was.
  • D have been.

For question, choose the correct answer.

Philip couldn’t remember where he ______ his car.

  • A had parked.
  • B was parking.
  • C has parked.
  • D was parked.

For question, choose the correct answer.

Mary ______ in Liverpool for five years, but now she ________ in Edinburgh since March.

  • A lives – lives.
  • B had lived – is been lived.
  • C lived – has lived.
  • D lives – will live.

Read the short paragraph below and choose the alternative that completes the gap CORRECTLY.
Yesterday Paul and Sophia played tennis. They began at 09:30 and finished at 11 o’clock. So, at 10:30 they ______ tennis.

  • A have played.
  • B was playing.
  • C had played.
  • D were playing.

“Two dogs were slowly crossing the dusty road when we passed by.” The verbal tense in the passage “were slowly crossing” is:

  • A Present perfect progressive tense.
  • B Past perfect progressive tense.
  • C Simple past tense.
  • D Past progressive tense.