Câmara Municipal de Caruaru - PE - Técnico Legislativo (2015) Questão 44

Adapted from Foreign Affairs, July/August 2014.

Which of the following is most supported by the information in the article?

  • A By weakening Salvador Allende politically and economically, the CIA, more than any other organization, guaranteed his fall from power.
  • B The CIA’s covert efforts to remove Salvador Allende from power, while effective, were clearly illegal.
  • C Salvador Allende was deposed because the members of Chile’s elite were strongly influenced by the CIA.
  • D By mishandling Chile’s economy, Salvador Allende created a situation in which Chileans of many classes opposed him.
  • E By imposing disastrous socialist economic policies in Chile, Salvador Allende lost the formerly strong support of the country’s wealthy, middle, and working classes.

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