Questão 43 do Concurso Prefeitura Municipal do Rio de Janeiro - Professor - Inglês (2017)

Based on text 2, an adapted forum discussion, answer question below.

Teaching with no books

Dianne Bell

I have started teaching in a language school suggesting no books to teach except for some magazines. These show the framework what should be worked on, for example, countability and that’s it. When it was offered I accepted the job easily because it seemed challenging and at the same time simple but now I’m out of reliable materials. Please help me out in what ways I can find materials for all the suggested frameworks. 


Mila Junior and Senior Teacher

Posted on 02/22/2015

What exactly are you supposed to be teaching (i.e., conversation, grammar, business English, etc.)? Can you give more examples of the “frameworks”? If there are no books or resources, it sounds like the school wants you to do conversation classes. These can be easy to prepare if you tell the students to come prepared with a topic to discuss. Then, you can assist them with keeping a conversation going, asking questions, giving opinions, etc.


Secondary Teacher

Posted on 01/07/2015

 Hi, I think it really does depend on the students and the level you are teaching to. I have found a lot of online resources are useful, especially news articles. If you just type in “Free online English lessons” or something similar you are bound to find resources. I had to teach like that once. They give you a book with a list of what you should be teaching in each lesson but nothing else. The teacher has to make the lesson up out of thin air each time, and it’s pretty time-consuming. 


Science Educator

Posted on 11/22/2015

There are so many other resources out there for teachers to use, online and off, that teaching without textbooks is becoming more and more acceptable including websites, iPod lectures and field trips — that will encourage you to toss out your textbooks. Before you can toss out the textbook and replace it with technology tools, you’ll need to understand how your students — whatever their age — respond to and work with technology.

(Adapted from

According to the text, Jake thinks that:

  • A technological tools will soon replace textbooks
  • B textbooks will gradually be considered outdated
  • C teachers prefer to use a variety of materials
  • D teachers should be careful with the use of technology