Questão 26 do Concurso Petróleo Brasileiro S.A (Petrobras) - Engenheiro de Produção (2018)

All the boldfaced verb phrases express a future action, EXCEPT in

  • A “The resurgence in oil and gas production from the United States, deep declines in the cost of renewables and growing electrification are changing the face of the global energy system” (lines 1-4)
  • B “the world’s growing energy needs are met first by renewables and natural gas as fast-declining costs turn solar power into the cheapest source of new electricity generation” (lines 9-12)
  • C “WEO-2017 (…) finds that over the next two decades the global energy system is being reshaped by four major forces” (lines 20-23)
  • D “meanwhile in the European Union, wind becomes the leading source of electricity soon after 2030” (lines 31-33)
  • E “the United States is projected to become the world’s largest LNG exporter and a net oil exporter by the end of that decade.” (lines 71-73)