Tribunal de Contas do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte (TCE-RN) - Assessor de Informática (2015) Questão 25

The discipline known as cyber-ethics is concerned with ethical behavior, and moral duties and obligations pertaining to online environments and digital media.

This discipline deals with the responsible and appropriate use one makes of information while accessing, and creating technology, technology systems, and information technology (IT). Its purpose is to promote a general understanding of current ethical and legal standards, rights and restrictions governing technology systems and IT within the context of today’s society, enabling people to make ethical and legal decisions when confronted with dilemmas concerning the use of technology.

In a nutshell, cyber-ethics enables people to:

  • identify consequences of actions involving, for example, intellectual property rights, media copyright laws, private/public domain, fair use and file sharing;
  • understand the legal implications of personal, educational and commercial uses of protected works;
  • behave ethically when using technology regarding i) intellectual property, ii) fair use of copyrighted material, including file sharing and legal downloading of software, music, and videos

Judge the next item according to the text presented on cyber-ethics.

Cyber-ethics focuses solely on people’s behavior in professional face-to-face situations.

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