Prefeitura Municipal de Niterói - Fiscal de Posturas (2015) Questão 46

Adapted from Natural History, March 2015. 

In paragraph 1, the sentence “The matter, however, is far from settled” most likely means the same as which of the following?

  • A Scientists and naturalists believe they are close to a solid understanding of the origin and function of zebra stripes.
  • B Scientists and naturalists have not yet arrived at a solid understanding of the purpose of zebra stripes.
  • C Scientists and naturalists are still unable to explain why different striping patterns are often found among members of the same zebra species.
  • D The unsettled, migratory nature of zebra herds has impeded practical scientific research.
  • E Scientists and naturalists believe that only three hypotheses could reasonably explain the purpose of zebra stripes

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