Instituto Federal de Educação, Ciência e Tecnologia de Roraima (IF-RR) - Professor - Inglês (2015) Questão 20

Text IV

How to be an Effective EFL Teacher 

Over the short history of the ESL/EFL field various methods have been proposed. Each method has in turn fallen out of favor and has been replaced with a new one. Audiolingualism, functionalism, communicative paradigms, and now the fad is "task-based syllabuses." In his critique of the task-based syllabus Sheen (1994:127) points out, "frequent paradigm shifts in the field of second and foreign language teaching have not resulted in significant progress in language learning." Since no method has been proven to be more effective than another, many teachers have jumped on the "eclectic" bandwagon. Common sense would have this as the best available choice since variety is the spice of language.


An exercise in which the student is expected to contextualize, negotiate and construct meaning is seen as an outcome of:

  • A behaviourist practices.
  • B suggestopedia quizzes.
  • C audiolingual approaches.
  • D sociointeractionist models.
  • E grammar-translation strategies.

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