Questão 17 do Concurso Escola Técnica do Arsenal de Marinha (ETAM) - Curso Técnico - ETAM (2017)

Com base no texto abaixo, responda à pergunta:

    Working for the Navy can be a very interesting career choice. It will start with specialist training, both at sea and on-shore. As a result, you will develop practical and technical skills and will find yourself equipped with the confidence to interact in a team.

    The Navy offers a lot of career options - from technical to non-technical posts, and for officer to civilian posts. There are hundreds of j ob opportunities available. But some positions come with high responsibilities.

    For instance, Navy Electronics Technicians (ETs) are an exclusive group of professionals specially trained in electronic engineering and computer skills. They can operate and manage the electronic system s of the world’s most advanced ships and airplanes.

    Another example of a Navy career is a Navy Hull Technician (HT). HTs maintain a ship’s marine sanitation system and also repair and maintain the small boats found aboard Navy ships.

    Finally, Marine Technicians (MTs) operate, maintain and repair the ship’s machinery, as well as look after the power generation and distribution, and electrical control systems of ships.

    Sound good so far? Take a look at the pathways to careers at sea. And find out where a j ob at sea could take you. W here do you see yourself? Click here.

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A relação entre o segundo parágrafo e os parágrafos subsequentes 3, 4 e 5 é uma relação de:

  • A problema e soluções
  • B causa e consequências
  • C apresentação do tema e exemplos
  • D argumento e contra-argumentos