Questão 70 do Concurso Escola de Especialistas de Aeronáutica (EEAR) - Sargento da Aeronáutica - Controle de Tráfego Aéreo (Turma 2) (2021)

Read the text and answer question.

Building on a breakthrough: Firm hoping to extend range of hydrogen-powered plane

    The firm behind the world’s first hydrogen-electric powered passenger plane flight is hoping to extend the range of the aircraft by the end of the year.
    ZeroAvia made the breakthrough by completing a 15-minute flight at an airfield in southern England last month.
    “It is not the future, it’s reality,” Sergey Kiselev, ZeroAvia’s European chief told Euronews in an interview on Thursday, referring to hydrogen-powered planes. “We are working on expanding the range of the reach of the aircraft. By the end of the year, this exact aircraft will be able to fly about 300 nautical miles.”
    It is hoped ZeroAvia’s maiden flight will be the first step in making one of the most polluting industries green.
    “The only emission from this aeroplane in flight is water vapour,” said Val Miftakhov, CEO and founder of ZeroAvia, back in September.
    “We also have a fueling infrastructure set up that ensures zero-emission production of hydrogen itself. It’s clean, it’s less noisy, and they will be able to fly without feeling guilty for flying.”  

The word breakthrough, on the title of the text, could be best substituted by:

  • A an important discovery.
  • B a major problem.
  • C a big step-back.
  • D a hope.