Câmara Municipal de Caruaru - PE - Técnico Legislativo (2015) Questão 38

Adapted from The New Yorker, July 29, 2013. 

According to the information in the article, the Codex Group’s research data supports all of the following except

  • A at the moment, the Internet is not the most popular alternative for people interested in searching for something new to read.
  • B if given a choice between buying a book in the electronic version or in the printed version, people still inevitably prefer the printed version.
  • C the vast majority of people who read e-books are still attracted to printed books.
  • D among the people who often purchase books, only a relatively small proportion limit themselves exclusively to e-books.
  • E instead of representing a broad spectrum of literature and published material, e-book sales are still dominated by certain kinds of books.

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