Fundação Getulio Vargas (FGV) - Administrador (2015) Questão 32

The information in the article most supports which of the following?

  • A The societal structure of zebra herds helps to determine the length, thickness, and color saturation of zebra stripes.
  • B At present, scientists have found no evidence to support the hypothesis that zebra striping patterns may be related to geography and environment.
  • C It is impossible to understand the function of striping patterns without understanding how predators affect zebra herds.
  • D The native climate of the E. q. quagga zebra species was probably the same as the native climate of the Equus quagga zebra species.
  • E Although Equus quagga and E. q. quagga zebras are related, the striping pattern of the first species is clearly different from that of the second.

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