Tribunal de Contas do Estado do Rio Grande do Norte (TCE-RN) - Assessor de Informática (2015) Questão 18

Managers of information technology departments, also known as IT-managers, are responsible for the overall performance of the electronic networks that allow a business to function. The exact scope of these responsibilities varies from one setting to another. However, at the core of the IT-manager job description is the care of the in-house network. This often means that the IT-manager is involved in the selection of hardware and software used in the network. For example, an IT-manager would likely be involved in any discussions about updating the internal servers and computer workstations. There is a good chance that (s)he would also work with other staff members in the selection of software, such as accounting programs or some type of sales and customer database.

Along with helping to establish the overall structure of the network, an IT-manager would also oversee processes that would seek to identify any potential glitches in any programming that could cause some sort of system failure.

According to the job description presented — IT-managers —, judge the following item.

Working with other personnel in the selection of software is a possibility in the IT-managers’ career.
  • Certo
  • Errado

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