Questão 1 do Concurso Escola de Especialistas de Aeronáutica (EEAR) - Sargento da Aeronáutica - Controle de Tráfego Aéreo (Turma 2) (2017)

The following dialogue takes place between two native speakers of English in the lower airspace in the vicinity of a major airport. Two aircraft __________ towards the airfield:

Pilot – Fox Charlie speaking.

            Who’s ahead ... us or Golf Yankee?

Controller – Well... you’re neck and neck.

Pilot – We can keep a high speed in the descent if you want us to.

Controller – I don’t know how the TMA are going to plan

                     this. You can if you wish.

Pilot – You’re the boss.

Controller – Well they’ll be the boss when you get down

                     there. I’m just sort of keeping you apart for the


Pilot – Understood.


vicinity = proximidade

Fox Charlie = nome da aeronave

Golf Yankee = nome da aeronave

TMA = refere-se ao órgão de controle de tráfego aéreo 

All the words below can be replaced by “descending”, except:

  • A climbing.
  • B going down.
  • C coming down.
  • D moving to a lower level.