(2018) Questão 8

Available at: . Retrieved on: 3 May 2018. Adapted. * Automated teller machines

The sentence in which the boldfaced item expresses OBLIGATION is

  • A “The law says shops can refuse to accept cash.” (lines 12-13)
  • B “We might end up in a situation where a few commercial banks have a lot of power.” (lines 36-38)
  • C “They did not have the confidence that they would get treated well by the bank managers.” (lines 63-64)
  • D “You need to get banking to the poor people, in the manner that they want it – not in the manner that is supplied.” (lines 73-75)
  • E “Government and regulators have to act really fast to plug the data breaches which are happening all across the world, and even in India.” (lines 92-94)

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