Prefeitura Municipal de Salto do Jacuí - Professor - Inglês (2019) Questão 42

Instructions: answer the question based on the following text.


Consider the sentence below from the text and the following assertives:
"We’ve snuggled up in a comfortable knitted sweaters and filled our rooms with wood-scented candles in the pursuit of hygge".
I. 'We've snuggled up' could be translated as 'Nós nos aconchegamos'. II. 'Comfortable knitted sweaters' does not follow the correct adjective word order. III. The expression 'wood-scented candles' in formed by three nouns.
Which ones are correct?

  • A Only I.
  • B Only II.
  • C Only III.
  • D Only I and II.
  • E I, II and III.