Prefeitura Municipal de Teresina - Diversos Cargos (NUCEPE - 2019) Questão 27


Turkey's Tourism Took a Hit in 2016

by Isabel von Kessel,

Jul 13, 2017

Several major terrorist attacks in(1)____ Ankara, Istanbul and Diyarbakir, as well as an attempted coup d'état one year ago, made 2016 one of the worst years for (2)_____ Turkish tourism industry. After a ten-year-high of nearly 36,8 million visitors arriving in 2014, Turkey is facing a severe backlash that is hitting its tourism sector the hardest. Following the coup on 15 July 2016 and subsequent purges in Turkey, foreign visitor numbers have dropped dramatically (70 percent). By the end of last year visitor numbers fell to 25,4 million. While European holidaymakers and business people (notably the British and Germans) are still reluctant to pay a visit to Turkey, visitor numbers nevertheless increased from January to May 2017 by 16.3 percent when compared to the same time frame of the previous year. However, Russian citizens are increasingly making up for the declining tourist numbers from other countries: with more than 928,000 visitors coming from Russia up until the end of May, Germany was displaced as (3)_____ largest source of tourism for Turkey. (…)


Access:22nd April, 2019

The correct sequence to complete the text above concerning the use of the definite article is respectively

  • A --- / the / the.
  • B --- / the / ---.
  • C --- / --- / the.
  • D the / the /the.
  • E the / --- / ---.

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