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The Most Important Skill For 21st–Century Success
By Kevin H. Johnson

The world of work is changing so rapidly, as emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and automation change job requirements. As technologies continue to evolve and business conditions shift, employees must stay in learning mode so their skills don’t lose currency.
It’s one thing to keep up with skills as they’re changing in the here and now. It’s a whole different challenge to prepare yourself for tools and technologies that may exist only in the minds of engineers, if at all. 
There’s so much uncertainty and ambiguity around the future of work, it doesn’t matter your industry or job function. That’s why, when anyone asks what the next “hot” skill will be, I say it’s the same skill that will serve people today, tomorrow, and far into the future — the ability to learn.   
When people embrace lifelong learning, assimilating new skills isn’t a source of fear and stress — it’s just another part of their career journey. Separating process from outcome will make you a better learner too, as you get less fixated on immediate mastery of a skill and more appreciative of how moving outside your comfort zone helps you grow as a person.
A learning mindset also makes it less likely you’ll be thrown off or immobilized when a project changes scope or a job function undergoes transformation. While others scramble to figure out where to go from here, lifelong learners maintain momentum and productivity.
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Para o autor, devido à contínua evolução da tecnologia e às mudanças constantes no mundo do trabalho, os profissionais do século XXI precisam permanecer em modo de aprendizagem para

  • A automatizar suas habilidades.
  • B evitar o trabalho em home office.
  • C estratificar suas habilidades correntes.
  • D continuar imprescindíveis no mercado.
  • E compreender melhor o pensamento dos engenheiros.

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