Secretaria da Educação do Estado da Bahia (SEC-BA) - Professor - Inglês (2013) Questão 47

Fill in the blanks with the suitable interrogative words (WH-Questions):

A) ______ are the typical Twitter users? They’re usually young people.

B) ______ language is spoken in the Philippines? Tagalog

C) ______ uses Spanish language tweets? Among others, the London’s Latin American population.

D) ______ did the University College London decide to do the present research? So as to identify which languages people in London are tweeting in.

According to the text, the correct sequence, from top to bottom, is

  • A How/Which/How often/Why
  • B How old/What/Who/Why
  • C Who/What/Whose/What for
  • D What age/Where/Whom/When
  • E What kind/Whose/How many/When

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