Secretaria da Educação do Estado da Bahia (SEC-BA) - Professor - Inglês (2013) Questão 45

Esta questão foi anulada pela banca organizadora.

Fill in the parentheses with T (True) or F (False).

Considering the results of the research about the Twitter traffic in London, it’s correct to say:

( ) Over three million tweets were analyzed by the team at University College London.

( ) It took the researchers about half a year to collect and analyze the data of their study.

( ) No more than sixty different languages were identified among Twitter users.

( ) English is the language least used by people tweeting in London.

According to the text, the correct sequence, from top to bottom, is

  • A F T T F
  • B F T F T
  • C T T F F
  • D T F F T
  • E T T T T

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