(2018) Questão 7

Available at: . Retrieved on: 3 May 2018. Adapted. * Automated teller machines

The boldfaced expression introduces an idea of IMPLICATION in

  • A “I’m afraid it is going too fast… so it’s a big concern if you have that feeling that society is not for you” (lines 2-4)
  • B “However, as with all moves towards uncharted territory, who holds the power?” (lines 31-32)
  • C “She says it is partly to do with cracking down on money earned on the black market, as well as the financing of terror.” (lines 56-58)
  • D "But it is also to do with financial inclusion and financialisation of the economy.” (lines 58-60)
  • EAs soon as the price of mobile phones fell, street vendors, carpenters, sweepers (…) bought them in order to increase their business.” (lines 78-82)

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