(2018) Questão 4

Available at: <http://www.bbc.com/culture/story/20180503-our-fi ction-

-addiction-why-humans-need-stories>. Retrieved on: 3 May 2018.


The sentence in which the boldfaced item expresses advice is

  • A “Today, we may not gather around the camp fire, but the average adult is still thought to spend at least 6% of the waking day engrossed in fictional stories on our various screens.” (lines 7-10)
  • B “Evolutionary theory can also shed light on the staples of romantic fiction” (lines 63-64)
  • C “The ‘dads’ might be the better choice for the long-term security and protection of your children” (lines 66-67)
  • D “McEwan argues we should celebrate these evolved tendencies as the very source of fiction’s power to cross the continents and the centuries.” (lines 98-100)
  • E “It would not be possible to enjoy literature from a time remote from our own…” (lines 101-102)

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