Questões da Prova da Prefeitura Municipal do Rio de Janeiro - Professor - Inglês (2010)

Limpar Busca

According to the text, at the time of publication, the number of people who had died was:

  • A less than 200
  • B no more than 200
  • C approximately 200
  • D nothing like 200

The word arguably in the clause “This is arguably the worst torrential rain for decades” signals a/an:

  • A argument
  • B viewpoint
  • C disagreement
  • D conflict

The only grammatically adequate quantifier which can be inserted before the phrase “flooding and landslides” is:

  • A several
  • B many
  • C a lot of
  • D a large number of

The pronoun “this” in the excerpt “We weren’t prepared for this” refers back to:

  • A 200 victims and reports
  • B preparation and catastrophe
  • C light rain and experiences
  • D flooding and landslides

A synonym for “saying” in “Newspapers are saying that the reason…” is:

  • A insinuating
  • B claiming
  • C revealing
  • D disclosing